Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what's next?

first off, I am slowing down with films a tad (from what I did last week). This is due, admittedly, to my obsession with the tv series 'Lost', and the fact that I've finally found a video store that rents Season 5. So I will be going thru the rest of Season 5 - and also finishing off West Wing Season 1. Then I can hit up the 100 list very hard.

That said, on Friday I plan to grab a couple dvd's...I'm thinking something foreign this time. Fellini's 8 1/2 or La Dolce Vita, or perhaps 'Jules et Jim' by Truffaut.

Also something not foreign - Tootsie? Annie Hall? could definitely go those.

Or maybe you readers can propose something from the list?


  1. I love West Wing. Pity it is not on TV here but I have become obsessed with NUMB3RS :) lots of yummie men in it. I got Scrooged from Love Film yesterday and although I requested it months ago I am going to watch it on Monday before I go back to work :) Happy First Easter as 3 :) Raquel

  2. thanks, raqi. We had a nice picnic in the park yesterday with friends, beautiful weather. And I ate Felix's share of chocolate eggs ;-))

    Yeah, I never watched West Wing while it was on tv, only getting into it now. Season 1 finishes with such a cliff hanger I had to rent disc 1 of season 2. And then of course, we finished season 5 of Lost on dvd this long 4 day weekend.