Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Here's to swimmin' with bow legged women!"

JAWS (1975) Steven Spielberg
#52 on the list

How on earth can I be seeing Jaws for the first time at age 30???!!!

Jaws is frikkin awesome! Don't ask me why I was "dubious". I don't necessarily enjoy horror/thriller movies, and I thought Jaws would be fun but very cheesy. In fact, it's a really really well done, awesome little film. Or rather, BIG film, I should say, as Spielberg's sensation was anything but little, and now lives as a classic.
According to the list, it beats out 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest', which didn't make the 100 List (though is on the 25 worth mentions additionals), but did beat Jaws that year for the Best Picture Oscar.

It's funny when you finally see a film that's so iconic, particularly the highly recognizable musical score (everyone loves singing that "dun uh, dun uh, dun uh" spooky tune at some point, eh?), which did infact win the Oscar that year.
Fantastically shot, very very enjoyable. Not "scary" per se, but it's not supposed to be. Spielberg's goal (I reckon, anyway) was to create a "timeless film that continues to make entire generations afraid to go in the water". And while I won't be keeping out of the ocean after this ,certainly the next time I dive in I'll be thinking of this film! :-)

I have to say, I really enjoy Steven Spielberg. Obviously he's one of the most recognizable names, in terms of directors (if not THE most recognized). How great that such an early work as Jaws received such acclaim and recognition.

Things I loved...the boobs and 70's bush seen at the start of the film. oh how hilariously gratuitious! When Quint is swallowed whole by sharky. Seeing that dude's severed leg fall to the bottom of the ocean. And what a great realistic looking shark, for the mid-70's! well done, Hollywood. Not too too shabby.
I loved the shanty song singing on the boat between the 3 men, just before the shark attacked & punctured the boat. I also liked cheesy Richard Dreyfuss' facemaking at Quint, due to their working class/rich dude natural rivalry.
Ah, but Quint - he was a great character, and my only wish was that I could fully understand him. I lost like 50% of what he was saying, due to his mumbling of lines, grrr. hate that.
I also loved Roy Schieder in this. Loved his wimpiness. Such a fine actor to watch (all I can see though is him as Bob Fosse in 'All that jazz'!!). I liked the pouring of wine into a giant tumbler after a bad day.
There's lots of little subtle moments and one liners in here that are golden, which I didn't expect. All in all, tops!
5 out of 5 monkeys!

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