Sunday, March 21, 2010

Airplane! (aka Flying High)

Well, talk about a switch in gears...! I knocked off two films today from the list, it being a sickly Sunday por moi. Decided to watch Airplane! this evening, which comes in at #67 on the Greatest list. This 1980 satirical comedy is something I'd expect to see on a cult classic list, not the "serious" film list which I'm following - I must say I was giddy when I saw this made the cut (and to think it placed higher than Mockingbird).

I'm sure anyone who reads this will have seen Airplane, and agree with me that it's cheesy style of one liners lends itself to being a highly quotable comedy. And I Love me some highly quotable comedies.

Actually, I was a bit late to the party on this one. I didn't see this film until 2006, when I was doing my second student teaching round at a prestigious, schmancy private school here in Melbourne. One of the classes I was teaching as part of my English teacher training was a Year 10 elective - "Film as Text". Holy moly was I in heaven in teaching this! :-))
I taught a unit in comedy and a unit in horror. Exciting schtuff. My supervisor told me which films I was to teach and thus happened my introduction to Airplane! (although it's called 'Flying High' here in Australia).
Imagine "studying" this film in a serious capacity. tee hee hee.
In truth I can't remember exactly what I did with this - but I do remember the reaction of my room full of 30 or so teenagers, most of whom groaned and rolled their eyes as each corny joke came their way.
This style of humour is different than the stuff of today. Each having their merits, of course.
I love love love love love Airplane!. I don't know where to begin...Leslie Nielson's dry humour. Striker's 'drinking problem'. The older woman who speaks jive. The rolling gag of "I chose the wrong week to quit..."Not to mention all the brilliant one liners and dialogue. The 9 year old girl drinking her coffee - "No thanks, I like it black. Like I like my men." Oh yes and boobs. Gratuitous boob close up during the panic scene. hee. :)
I also like this film's *Blink and you'll miss it* style of constant jokes. You can really find something newly hilarious upon each viewing.
Bottom line - Airplane! is excellently silly and I am a huge fan of silly.

(and Good'On'Ya EW for including a spoof on your list)

4/5 stars