Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blank out of 5 possible Monkeys

Rather than using a simple old "5 Stars" system of rating, I hereby shall use the system of Monkeys to rate films.
(and when I become a bit more computer/blog savvy, I can actually add icons to the bottom of my page accordingly)

5 Monkeys = It was amazing! Wowza! Loved this frikkin film. Go Bananas!
4 Monkeys = Really liked it - Banana Split but no cherry
3 Monkeys = It was ok / liked it but...
2 Monkeys = Meh, it was alright in some ways, but I'd be more excited eating a bunch of bananas really
1 Monkey = Rubbish!

why monkeys? Because I love monkeys. that tis why. :-)

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