Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Streetcar Named Desire


Well, I'd seen the famous "stella!" scene many a time, but never the full film until now. I'm a theatre person, and thus know & love Tennessee Williams' work. Such great stories & rich characters.
Blanche DuBois is, of course, one of those "roles of a lifetime" for female actresses, one which I probably could never do even remote justice to myself. I was fascinated by Vivien Leigh's performance - but also of Brando and Kim Hunter.
ohhhh the melodrama!
I can see why the all Oscar noms - beautifully crafted, Elia Kazan's direction portrayed a grimy, seedy, dingy world. I loved the use of music in this film as well.
Ahh classics, "they just don't make um like they used to", to use a cliched line. Nothing like a shadowy closeup in an old black and white film.
Brando's intensity was full-on. I was watching this while trying to keep my infant son asleep, and every time Brando would throw or hit something, the sound would wake up my baby! :)
Good stuff - a brilliant piece of writing, a stellar cast, and excellent direction.
4 out of 5 from moi.

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