Sunday, March 14, 2010

la list

After some consideration of which "Top 100" list to follow, I've come to a conclusion. I've chosen Entertainment Weekly's "100 Greatest Movies of All Time", a hardcover guide published by Time-Life Inc., and reproduced on the net (follow the link to the right).

This list was broadest, in that it was not simply the greatest American (only) films. Nor does it keep to an English-language only format. After all, what kind of list wouldn't include Truffaut. Or Fellini.

It also includes a list of 25 films under the heading "Just too beloved to ignore". Which I like. Sortof like the runners up. I am going to use this list as my alternates. For example, if I can't get my hands on "Celine & Julie Go Boating" (number 100 on the list, and probably tricky to find), I can swap that for 'The African Queen'. But only if need be.

ta. g'night.

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