Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Vertigo' (1958) by Alfred Hitchcock

Vertigo -#19 on the Top 100 List by EW

So this is one of those films for me whereby - I can see why it is revered, why it's a classic, and why Hitchcock is such a respected director. wasn't exactly my thing, and I wasn't too excited by it. Though perhaps it was because I ended up having to watch this movie in shifts (due to having a newborn) - perhaps this disrupted the flow that should have ultimately led to the suspensefulness of this psychological thriller.

So, yes. I do like Hitchcock, in general. And I like films of this era, cheesy though they tend to be compared to modern day film (particularly acting-wise).
But 'Vertigo' made me impatient - I kept wanting it to wrap up. Never a good sign. I'd think it was over, and then a new scene would start and I'd utter aloud "for fuck's sake!".
Too slow - or maybe I'm just too modern of an impatient viewer (?).
The things I appreciated about this film? - Hitchcock produces some absolutely beautiful shots. The opening shot of Novak's mouth/half face. gorgeous. The stunning shots of San Francisco - esp that of the golden gate as seen from the bay below.

But man, what a creepy story - I like that we, the viewer, are at a loss as to how this psychological mystery will unfold. Hitchcock does a great job, as usual, in keeping the viewer in the dark. Love the story - bleak and creepy. Actually, what's VERY yucko is Jimmy Stewart's portrayal of Scotty, and his utter controlling, abusive, creepiness. Blech.
Cheesiest moment? - No, not the swelling music each time Novak & Stewart kissed. The "I'm going crazy depressive" weird animated sequence of Scotty's! Hee! So bad it's good. Then again, I need to put into perspective the time period in which it was made, and how innovative this particular cinematic usage must have been.

All in all - meh. Wouldn't feel the need to watch this again, honestly.

2 outta 5 Monkeys


  1. Like you I was captivated by the film but when it ended I was underwhelmed. I think most of my enjoyment came from my love of Hitchcock. Sadly a forgettable film although somewhat watchable.

  2. exactly. Hitchcock has much better work out there.