Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodfellas (1990) - Martin Scorsese

FACT - "The word 'fuck' is used approximately 300 times in the film. Ninth most in film"

So, just had to throw in the above factoid, as seen on wikipedia (which of course means it may or may not be correcto).
Well, as you might have guessed, I've detoured from the official Top 100 List by watching and blogging here about 'Goodfellas'. But how could I resist, when
A. This was my first time watching Goodfellas. And seeing as my 100 project is all about my wanting to watch fantastic movies I "have been meaning to see", it fit perfectly
B. It's a Scorsese film, thus, wunnnnderful. And considered one of the greatest mob movies ever made. Rotten tomatoes gave it 96%! (as you might have noticed, I adore rotten tomatoes and tend to agree with it's reviews/ratings)

So, anyway. LOVED this film. Loved the script, the actors, the acting, the editing, the shot sequence, the use of voiceover, the music. Everything. A real sense of time and place and mood was created. Scorsese is excellent at that. You're right there, in the world of whomever is on screen. In this case, mobsters from the 1950's thru to the 80's. A grimy underworld of violence, machismo, cocaine and crime crime crime.

DeNiro! ohhh how great De Niro is in this. But Ray Liotta stole the show for me. Him and Lorraine Bracco, all the chemistry and 'crazy love'. Yikes. Suddenly makes any bad relationship you might have had look not so nutty.

Not sure what else to say about this film - it was just enjoyable. I love me films where I'm shown an underworld. How fascinating and depressing is it to watch how mobsters live. And the fact this is based on a true story is most delightful - not that I'm condoning violence or saying Yay! to the mob - I just love watching true stories depicted on film. It makes the viewing experience completely different from watching a purely fictional one.
Do you agree?
And Scorsese, time and again, has a knack for showcasing true stories that are unbelievably wild.
Do you agree?

I am a bit brain dead on account of my baby not sleeping as much/well as he previously did. Thus, a slowdown on films & reviews. And a bit too mush-brained to write anything more of real intelligence here about Goodfellas.

Would love some discussion...Any Scorsese fans? Un-fans?

So now is a good time to make the ultimate confession...I have never seen The Godfather trilogy!!!!
Wait, maybe I already did confess that in an earlier blog.
Seeing Goodfellas gets me all revved up for one day watching The Godfather for the first time. As you know, it's numero uno on The List, and I am sooooo damn excited to finally sit down over a weekend sometime soon, and watch all three.
But I think I will save that for last, after I've ticked off more from El Listo.

Goodfellas = 5 out 5 monkeys

*Annie Hall is sitting on my coffee table, due tomorrow, waiting to be watched and reviewed. It's been a few yrs since I've seen this one. Was waiting to try and watch it with Hubby, who hasn't seen it, but we haven't found the time. Doh.

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