Thursday, April 22, 2010

ANNIE HALL (1977) - Woody Allen

"Touch my heart, with your foot..."

Woody love love his films. I know lots of people can't get past his disgusting "I married my adopted step daughter" factor, but I do.

Annie Hall is, arguably, a film about nothing, much like Seinfeld was a show about nothing. Sure, yes, it's a romantic comedy, it's about relationships, and in particular one specific relationship. But ultimately, it's the small nothing in this film that make it so charming, funny and interesting (like the waiting in line at the cinema, with the pretentious film-talker behind him / or the lame actor ex boyfriend of Annie's who rambles rubbish about his craft).
That and the breaking of the 4th wall within the film, a device I love when used well.

Diane Keaton is lovely & even Woody Allen doesn't bother me as much as he does when he acts in his other films (because he' always the same neurotic character, essentially, himself). Perhaps if he'd only stopped putting himself in his films with Annie Hall, his later works would be even more enjoyable.
But yes, even Alvy is a great character -flawed and melancholic. But real.

Hadn't seen Annie Hall for awhile now - must say it really does stand up, even against his recent works. I love Woody Allen's film & this is amongst my faves.

5 out of 5 monkeys!

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