Friday, May 7, 2010

West Side Story (1961) - Jerome Robbins

ahhhh, what a classic, classic movie musical. Based on such a quintessential stage musical.
West Side Story has it all...saucy dancing, over the top cheesy love story, gushy ballads, fun upbeat numbers, all intertwined into a modern day version of Romeo & Juliet. How can one NOT like West Side Story, I ask?
It's barrels of fun, with lots to sing along to and even more to poke fun at.
um....gangs of dancey fairies?!! HAaaaaa! love me some gay.
If Scorsese made this film, it would've been called 'Gays of New York'. hee!

Hee, sorry, I'm not being politically incorrect - lord knows I'm the biggest fag-hag fruit-fly out there (for those readers who don't know me personally). But the opening sequence, oh mannnn, soooooooooo gaaayyyyyyy (said in the voice of a 13 yr old teenage girl, of course). Love. It.
The world's least threatening members of society - pretty, well-trained dancer gay boys - posing as a "scary new york city street gang of hoodlums"....ha!

and then there's UBER gay Tony, played by way-too-pretty-boy Richard Beymer. And his slew of super F-A-G-G-Y moments, singing 'Maria' and the very daggy 'Something's Coming". Telling Maria he loves her a couple hours after meeting her, after they've exchanged perhaps 70 words total.
Love it!
There is something hilarious and fun about the disgusting commitment to love at first sight, that Tony & Maria display. Great cheesy acting (well, one couldn't pull off Tony & Maria without such) that depicts the neo Romeo & Juliet characters as blinded by ideals and passion and lust. It's comical, seeing two people like that. But you're still WITH them, you know.

So, I was watching this and felt almost like I was in a theatre. The theatricality captured on screen was brilliant - although, cinematically, the film is excellent as well. So many gorgeous bird's eye views shots of new york and the 'burb depicted.
GREAT use of camera work for the choreography (which I loved as well).
I was telling my partner that I know the story, and I know all the songs, and have seen some classic scenes from the film - but, I truly don't think I have watched this movie fully before now. How pathetic, really, a theatre artist with a degree & special affinity for musical theatre. shocking.

I am soooo an Anita, though. Rita Moreno rocks this role out, but of course. But I would love love love to play Anita in a production of this one day. Sassy, saucy, and full of gusto (unlike the sappy, purebred role of Maria. Those girlie high-soprano roles are DEFinitely not my bag...All the Natalie Wood's of the world can keep 'em).

My fave number choreographically - "Cool"
World's most narcissistic, yet endearing, song - "I Feel Pretty"
Gayest song ever - "Maria"

4 out of 5 stars! fun time, folks.

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