Monday, May 10, 2010

Jean-Pierre Jeunet I Love Love LOVE You...

And I LOVE French cinema!

My Mother's Day treat (in addition to a wonderful lunch and a new Wii game) was a ticket to see a matinee of Micmacs at the art cinema while hubby took care of baby.

...YES!!! Just. What. I. Needed.
To spend an afternoon baby-free, recharging myself, wandering around a'la Artist Date style, and then cozying up in a tiny cinema to watch one spectacular film, by one spectacular director, who may just have to be considered my favourite director (I have a hard time committing to one favourite of anything..;)

Micmacs was magic. Pure magic.
Jeunet's films are poetry in motion.
There is something about his work that makes your heart soar & bubble & burst with glee. That makes your weary soul realize how blessed you are and how amazing LIFE really is.
Spellbinding. Lovely. Enchanting.

Amelie is my all time numero uno favourite movie (ok, so I 'spose I can pick just one for some things. hee). And I firmly believe that one should make it a point to watch his/her all time favourite movie atleast twice a year - or whenever you need a swift kick in the ass, or pick me up, or...
After seeing the delightful, satisfying Micmacs, I am going to start watching Jeunet films in general to cleanse my spirit, so to speak.

There is something about Jeunet's filmmaking and writing that makes me feel giddy and kidlike. Stylistically, Micmacs was all industrial-punk-grungy-apocolypse-chic.
More importantly however are Jeunet's rich characters, endearing and strange. So well cast, as per usual in his work. He even manages to throw in a darling little love story between Bazil and the Contortionist, alongside the intricate and hilariously crafted revenge-plot.
(And I adored Dany Boon! Great lead. Jeunet picks actors with such watchable, interesting faces)

I can't say enough great things about this movie. If it weren't for my severe sleep deprived state of being, I'd keep going for pages. In fact, obviously I have strayed from the task of my 100 list in blogging here about this ,but it just couldn't be helped.

...and so the Not So Snobby Film Snob has a vivid moment of Film see, I was meant to see this film a few weeks back, with members of my new mum's group (there is a theatre that does a Mums & Bubs session once a week). Anyway, I ended up not being able to make it then, much to my chagrin. So recently when I caught up for coffee with the mum's group, I asked one of them how the movie excursion went. She replied "Oh great, it was nice, only two of us though. Well, the movie wasn't any good but it was nice just being out".

Hrmmm...I know you can't force someone to like anchovies if they just don't like anchovies.
But I must say that after watching this brilliant film yesterday, I'm judging those two women. ;-) Can you blame me?!
Honestly, to NOT like something like Micmacs is just reedunkulous.
It makes me a bit sad, that I might not have much in common with these new mums (which I have begun to suspect anyway. sigh).

Alas, my point is...
6 out of 5 monkeys! :-))

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