Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tally from The Hundred

It's time to check-in, folks, and see how many/which films have been viewed and blogged about for this here 100 Project.

12 /100 Greatest Films
2 / 25 Alternate Must See Greaties

14 TOTAL for Le'Project

It's a Wonderful Life
West Side Story
Jules et Jim
Annie Hall
Star Wars (ep IV - A New Hope)
Pulp Fiction
La Dolce Vita
Blue Velvet
Airplane! (aka 'Flying High')
To Kill A Mockingbird
A Streetcar Named Desire

Any suggestions for must see next? Let me know. I'm really in the mood for Casablanca,


  1. good choices, I agree with some of them, but how could you leave out Tombstone, probably the best western ever, Val Kilmer as doc holliday should have won an academy award,

  2. Tom - it's not a list I created. I am going thru the Top 100 as according to an Entertainment Weekly list, published here:

    There's also a link to this page/list on the side browser of the blog.

    If I were to create a Top 100 list, it would be very different from this. But my goal of the project (read very first blog) is to go through all the big classics and renowned film, as per deemed by professional film critics.